Thursday, April 3, 2008

This week was tough

My school building was shut down due to asbestos removal. So they had to bus all of the kids to a different part of the city.

Before we started over at the new school, which is in a rough part of town, we were told that we would each get assigned a buddy for the week.

The cool thing is, there is another girl named Mortadella! (Isn't that just *so* interesting?) Teacher gave me her picture. She spells her name different that I do.

She spells it, "Mortadolla".

We hit it off pretty good. In fact, she's coming over for dinner.

Here's us on the bus:


Wahoo said...

Does Mortadolla have a Bandito?

Dixon Ticonderoga said...

Will you two pop some popcorn, sit cross legged on the floor, and work on your hair and weaves?